Basic orientation of the company

  • Create and implement a quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9000 series and further develop it
  • Achieve the company becoming a sought-after business partner and supplier of work in the field of the company’s business (purchasing and selling hydraulic components, hydraulic installations and research and designing in the field of hydraulic equipment), which will create a sense of security not only for the customer , but also for company employees

Leadership Engagement

  • the company management is fully aligned with the requirements of the ISO 9000 series of standards, ie with the principles of effective implementation and continuous improvement of the quality system efficiency and improvement of the management of all processes affecting the quality of the whole company
  • Company management is responsible for the quality of products and services and creates the necessary organizational, personnel and financial resources to implement, maintain and develop the quality system

Employee Engagement:

  • Ensuring the quality of our services is a task for all company employees who manage, perform and verify activities that influence quality

Customer Relationship:

  • The main goal of the company is to maximize the satisfaction of customers with products and services that meet their high level or exceed their requirements

Relation to suppliers:

  • Significant participation in the creation of quality products and services is provided by our suppliers, so we develop active cooperation in clarifying mutual requirements and their implementation

Relationship with own employees:

  • Company management will provide effective assistance in training, training and training employees to be able to meet all the requirements of this quality policy